Fuzz_Stompbox Fuzz_Stompbox_Hover
Delay_Stompbox Delay_Stompbox_Hover
Phaser_Stompbox Phaser_Stompbox_Hover
Reverb_Stompbox Reverb_Stompbox_Hover
Chorus_Stompbox Chorus_Stompbox_Hover
Tremolo_Stompbox Tremolo_Stompbox_Hover

Chromatones v1.4

an illustrated and animated effect units (pedals) web dashboard.


hover over each illustration to enable each effect unit animation and display its animation and correspondent sound.

the button ‘try chaos’ toggles all units at the same time.

the button ‘clean guitar’ plays a clean version of the guitar riff audio file processed through each unit.

chromatones is a web experiment designed by vitor meuren and coded by vitor carvalho.